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Review & Rec: Round Neck Crop Pink Sweatshirt & The Writing Life

Hey guys! I'm sorry for disappearing for so long- senior year is really taking up a ton of my time. I don't like writing back-to-back review posts so I wrote a few words at the end on this book that's featured in my layout pics, The Writing Life by Annie Dillard. 

Today I'll be reviewing this Round Neck Crop Pink Sweatshirt from SheIn! SheIn, formerly Sheinside, is an online clothing store that sells apparel and accessories at affordable prices.

** Although this is a sponsored review, all of my opinions stated here are my own honest views! ** 

(pictures from website)

Price: US $15.45


  • Size Available :one-size
  • Sleeve Length(cm) :46cm
  • Length(cm) :46cm
  • Bust(cm) :106cm
  • Shoulder(cm) :52cm
  • Fabric :Fabric has no stretch
  • Season :Fall
  • Type :Pullovers
  • Pattern Type :Plain
  • Color :Pink
  • Neckline :Round Neck
  • Sleeve Length :Long Sleeve
  • Material :Polyester

 I chose this sweater because I love this color & the plain crew neck style is v cute. The actual color is a darker pink than the color featured on the website. I thought I would be getting a soft baby pink but in real life it's closer to salmon pink.  Not a big deal though because this color is very pretty too!

What I really like about this sweater is that it's soooo soft.  I generally have a good experience with SheIn when receiving sweaters so I'm not surprised!

One thing to note for this sweater is that it's seriously very short. It's important to take your measurements before buying clothes online; case in point- the description for this sweater is "one-size" but upon looking at the measurements you'll find that it's more of a "one-size" crop sweater for the average-height shopper.  This sweater is even a bit short for me and I'm only 5 ft! Make sure that the product you're paying for is what you want before you buy it!

I don't quite understand what SheIn means by "fabric has no stretch" since this sweater is just as stretchy as any other regular pullover. So don't worry about that part in the description! 

I'm v satisfied with this sweater! I would recommend it to anyone who's short enough for it to fit. 
You can buy it here. Below I've linked similar styled sweaters & sweatshirts. Click on them to go to their pages!

So that's it for my review! The cover picture is the first time I tried doing a layout and I used Annie Dillard's The Writing Life in it. I read this book for my AP Literature class and it was my second time reading Annie Dillard. Her writing can seem overly stream-of-consciousness at first; it was really an acquired taste for me! It's really very beautiful once you get past the initial headache.

The Writing Life is about... the writing life. (Shocking!) The book comprises a series of loosely connected vignettes. I would just like to share a passage that I really enjoyed (and wrote an essay on- it was my highest scoring essay so far in AP Lit  )

     "The line of words fingers your own heart. It invades arteries, and enters the heart on a flood of breath; it presses the moving rims of thick valves; it palpates the dark muscle strong as horses, feeling for something, it knows not what. A queer picture beds in the muscle like a worm encysted- some film of feeling, some song forgotten, a scene in a dark bedroom, a corner of the woodlot, a terrible dining room, that exalting sidewalk; these fragments are heavy with meaning. The line of words peels them back, dissects them out. Will the bared tissue burn? Do you want to expose these scenes to the light? You may locate them and leave them, or poke the spot hard till the sore bleeds on your finger, and write with that blood. If the sore spot is not fatal, if it does not grow and block something, you can use its power for many years, until the heart resorbs it."

 How's that for something to chew on? Her writing is so beautiful I want to cry. I'll end this post with a few more quotes that I loved- thanks for reading!

"Now you watch symbols move on your monitor; you stare at the signals the probe sends back, transmits in your own tongue, numbers. Maybe later you can guess at what they mean- what they might mean about space at the edge of the solar system, or about your instruments. Right now, you are flying. Right now, your job is to hold your breath."

"...I had forgotten all of wide space and all of historical time. I opened the blinds a crack like eyelids, and it all came exploding in on me at once- oh yes, the world."

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