Sunday, September 6, 2015

♔ SheIn Review: Blue Hooded Long Sleeve Drawstring Denim Outerwear ♔

Happy September! Today I'll be reviewing a popular apparel from SheIn that is perfect for the upcoming autumn weather ^^ Also perfect for extremely chilly classrooms because the AC at my school is always set to the highest level for some reason; I'm pretty sure I caught a cold from it...

The apparel I received was this Blue Hooded Long Sleeve Drawstring Denim Outerwear ! This is the image on the website: 

It looks like the hoodie and denim jacket are connected but they are actually two separate jackets. 



The denim jacket has long sleeves and the grey hoodie is like a hoodie-vest with no sleeves; the hoodie is actually a lot longer than the denim jacket so the two jackets look a bit awkward when worn together.

Both jackets are decent quality! They are both pretty light jackets; the hoodie doesn't do much in terms of warmth but it's very soft and comfortable. The denim jacket is surprisingly warm for its thin material. Some close-ups:

The pockets are at an uncomfortable position so you can't really leave your hands in there... but they are pretty roomy so you can store stuff there lol.

Rating: 9/10; I am really satisfied with this apparel but I took off one point because of the size difference of the two jackets. Overall this is one of my best experiences receiving items from SheIn! 

You can find this jacket here and see my past reviews from SheIn here. Click on the logo to visit their website! Thanks to SheIn for sponsoring me ^^

Thank you for reading!

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