Tuesday, September 8, 2015

♫ August in Music ♫

I know it's a bit late to be posting this but I was inspired by Minae's Music Recap post  I listened to a lot of music in August especially because I had so much free time ^^;

1. Mannequin - Primary ft. Beenzino & Suran.

This was one of my absolute favorite songs this summer! /coughs I may or may not have written my entire common app essay with this song on repeat in the background...

This song lightly criticizes South Korea's plastic surgery culture, using an extended metaphor comparing girls to mannequins who use the street as their runway. I really like the lyric, "Manne manne quin Manne money queen / I want you, what's your style?" The wordplay in this song is genius!! Also the line, "Want everything including the obvious smile" resonates with me since East Asian beauty standards are so cut-and-dry. We're a culture that strives for perfection with all of our focus on academic perfection and now with the struggle for physical perfection becoming increasingly prominent... it's easy to see why people think that achieving that perfection through surgery will make them happy. I have no personal objections against people going for plastic surgery (I myself have thought a lot about double eyelid surgery and have read a lot about double jaw surgery etc); I just think it's important to reflect on our own standards and see whether they are becoming a problem. Aah I could write a whole post on this (maybe I will later lol) but let's focus on the song right now!

Anyway I also really like the music video it's just so aesthetically pleasing! This is the first time I've heard of Suran but I am absolutely in love with her voice And Beenzino's rap is on point.

2. Lion Heart - Girls' Generation

This is legit the first Girls' Generation comeback I've enjoyed since before Mr Mr ;__; Some people say they don't think SNSD delivered on this song but I love it so much  It's just so catchy and pretty! I love the mellow retro feel and the chorus ("Tell me why~~"). The visuals are stunning honestly SNSD never fails on their visuals (still can't believe how they managed that construction worker look in CMIYC...). And the outfits are gorgeous- major props to their styling team. I actually never really got into GG (like I still don't know all of their names;;;;) but I watched them on Running Man and Weekly Idol and they're definitely a group I want to start stanning ^^

3. Talk Talk - Girls' Generation

While we're on the topic of Girls' Generation I also wanted to include this song from their Lion Heart album! It has a more serious vibe than Lion Heart and it's also really catchy! 

4. Comes and Goes - Hyukoh

I heard about Hyukoh from the show Infinity Challenge and I've been in love ever since. The singer, Ohhyuk, has such a unique mellow husky voice that gives each of their songs a flavor that is distinctly Hyukoh. I also really like the songs Bawling and Ohio.

5. Back and Forth 30 Min - Giriboy ft. Shin Jisu

This is a funny, slightly bittersweet song about a guy who likes a girl but the two are close enough that it's awkward to try a romantic relationship, even though he already acts like he's in a relationship with her (paying for movie tickets, canceling plans for her etc). The wordplay is also really clever here- Giriboy represents the closeness of their relationship with the distance "back and forth 30 min" and the song ends with the girl putting a funny twist on that metaphor- go take a look! 

6. Don't Be Shy - Primary ft. Choa & Iron

Another song by Primary! Okay this song has just been my jam Choa sounds so good here. Honestly I don't know what she's doing in the video and I haven't taken a close look at the lyrics but... it sounds good and I'm happy with that *shrugs*. Also Iron's rapping is so sexy

7. Good Day by IU

I'm super late on the IU hype train but I love this song so much! I'm officially an IU stan...  Her voice is so sweet and she is so talented and pretty and skillful she's my ultimate #goals in life. Her voice has this sweet bell-like quality that I can't really describe but it's so beautiful. And of course I have to mention those 3 high notes!! Seriously awesome.

And that's my August round-up! What songs are your current faves?

Thanks for reading! Leave a comment and link your blog and I'll def check it out! 

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