Tuesday, September 15, 2015

autumn fashion ♡ hogwarts edition

We're nearing that lovely time of the year when mornings make me want to wear 3 jackets and a scarf and afternoons see me shedding layers like a lizard. I just made a polyvore, so naturally, I decided to celebrate the autumn season by making 4 sets of Harry Potter-themed autumn fashion. Productive procrastination is my calling.

1. Slytherin

"cunning folk"
aka pleats so sharp you can cut a man
Slytherin has a special place in my heart so this one is first ♡ I really love the look of these classic round sunglasses; I really like large circle glasses in general. I started thinking they were cute after seeing RukiMK wear them 

she's adorable ;__;

You don't really need dark sunglasses in Autumn but hey, Slytherins are all about maintaining that mysterious, dangerous vibe. ;-)

I'm also coveting a black leather bag. Upgrades every outfit it's paired with.

2. Gryffindor
I was a Gryffindor for a couple years (middle school to like freshman year)I take sorting hat quizzes more often than legit personality tests because I care about this stuff more.  Hehe. This set is my favorite in terms of my own style! Fedora hats are seriously so cute. They can really add a classy feel to an outfit. I'm also really into overall dresses these days; they're awesome for layering. 

3. Ravenclaw
I've been sorted into Ravenclaw once in high school, I think. I included these cat flats because I just associate cat ladies with Ravenclaw? Is that a thing? When I think book lady it just connects with cat lady and they become one.  I actually prefer these knockoff flats to the Charlotte Olympia design haha. I think the flats look better without the mouths, which sounds a little morbid to be honest. I'm so in love with this wide-brim hat; this color is so rich and beautiful.

4. Hufflepuff

just and loyal
What I said about moving away from a preppy style is null and void okay I just can't help myself. ;__; This is such a Nancy Drew look honestly I love it. I was a Hufflepuff in the early middle school days before Pottermore existed. My Hogwarts house progression is such a funny representation of my "growing up" like you can literally see the character development (Hufflepuff → Gryffindor → Ravenclaw → Slytherin) .... Though I do like to think that I'm a Slytherin because of my ambition and not because under all of this fluff I'm actually evil. 

Which set is your favorite? Which Hogwarts house are you in? Leave a comment!

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