Monday, September 21, 2015

the god of small things

I just finished reading The God of Small Things by Arundhati Roy and I feel so overcome with emotion that I wanted to share my thoughts on this book. I would definitely recommend this book to all of my blog readers. Roy's writing is so beautiful and captivating; she writes so artfully and connected all of the ideas in this novel so elegantly. It's truly a piece of art.

The God of Small Things is set in the state of Kerala in India in 1969. It revolves around the family of the seven-year-old twins Rahel and Estha and an incident that ends their childhood. The cast of characters is colorfully dynamic, and the book is filled with moments of subtle profundity and an undercurrent of sadness. Anymore description could very well take away from your enjoyment of this novel so instead I shall include a few excerpts that touched me deeply:

“That's what careless words do. They make people love you a little less.” 

 “But what was there to say?

Only that there were tears. Only that Quietness and Emptiness fitted together like stacked spoons. Only that there was a snuffling in the hollows at the base of a lovely throat. Only that a hard honey-colored shoulder had a semicircle of teethmarks on it. Only that they held each other close, long after it was over. Only that what they shared that night was not happiness, but hideous grief.

Only that once again they broke the Love Laws. That lay down who should be loved. And how. And how much.” 

"If you're happy in a dream.. does that count? The happiness- does it count?"

I hope those excerpts were enticing and that you'll give the novel a read!

Do you have any book recommendations?

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