Saturday, August 22, 2015

Back-to-School Fashion

It's the last week of August so I felt that it was time to put together a back-to-school fashion post

The year of age 16 was a wild year of fashion experimentation for me ! The beginning of age 17 saw me cementing my style; I decided on a schoolgirl style because I liked how it looked very cute, neat, and preppy. (Did you know that the preppy style originated with Ivy League culture? Funny how it's associated with cosplay now. Another reason why I want to break with this style is because people always ask if I'm cosplaying and that's not the kind of image I want, u feel?) I want to try a more sophisticated style for my senior year of high school because now I'm adult. Yes.

Do you guys remember the math problem that went like, "Bob has 3 shirts and 3 pants. How many outfits can he make from these clothes?" Now you can say that Bob can make 9 outfits but how many of those outfits will actually look nice? I'm going to introduce some trending basic pieces that can be easily matched with each other so Bob can look pretty and math will actually work out in real life! This style is kind of like normcore but more like... pretty normcore? Soft normcore?

4 Trending Items for Back-to-School Fashion

1. Button-Down Shirt // $21.82
This piece can be basically paired with anything depending on whether you're going for a formal or casual look. You can slip a sleeveless dress/jean dress over it, pair it with a suspender skirt, or wear a basic a-line/ pleated skirt with it.
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2. Loose Pants

I really don't know what these are called but I see them everywhere. I prefer this type of loose silhouette over skinny jeans !  They work well with any kind of top and jacket; in colder weather, you can use a bomber jacket or pastel trench coat for layering.
src: unculturedmag // nls

3. Long Skirt

It's not as dramatic as a maxi skirt, making for a sweet toned-down style. Again, this makes a loose silhouette that looks effortlessly cool. It looks nice paired with a tucked-in t-shirt.


4. T-shirt

Do t-shirts ever get out of style? I remember I used to hate them because all of mine were plastered with brand names (middle school efforts to fit in... *shudders*). The trending t-shirts have wide sleeves and a boxy shape. Usually they have some kind of profound English text on them ("night" "some" "How Can Mirrors Be Real If Our Eyes Aren't Real") // $18.55
ok this literally only has the word night on it but i want it...i'm basic
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What are your current must-have basic pieces? Comment below and let me know!

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