Saturday, August 22, 2015

♔Shein Review: Black Metal Embellished Bandage Bikini

Hey guys! I'm back with another review from Shein. It seems like all I'm posting these days are reviews but I'll try to get some fashion blog posts up soon ! 

Today I'll be reviewing Shein's Black Metal Embellished Bandage Bikini. As usual, although this is a sponsored review, all of the opinions expressed in this review are my own.

This bikini has a black bandeau top with a gold embellishment in the middle. Black strings go through the gold embellishment and connect to the bandeau part. The bandeau is padded and has two thick strings that you tie around your back.

The bandeau also comes with a strap that you can attach to have more support. It's pretty necessary if you have a small bust and don't want the bandeau to slip down and you know, flash everyone.

The strap has a hook that attaches to the inside of the bandeau. It stays pretty snug so you don't have to worry about it snapping. 

The bottom half of the bikini also has a gold embellishments that have black strings going through them that connect to the rest of the bottom.

The first thing that I noticed about this bikini was its horrible smell. I couldn't quite pinpoint what the smell was but it was pretty bad..  It faded after I washed it so that was a relief!

Like most bandeaus, this bandeau top offers no support at all- no surprise there haha. If you're like me and pitifully flat-chested, your best bet would be to get a black bikini top with more support to match the bottom. The two-piece set is only $8.99 while many other stores like Forever21 sell individual tops/bottoms for $10-12. If you get this set and find that the top is not to your liking, you can keep the bottom to mix and match (or vice versa) ! I have no complains about the bottom- it matches the website's picture well and fits well.

I thought that this bikini was a good match for its price. The material is decent and the design is cute.

 Rating: 7/10 - I took off points since the top didn't quite match the website's picture and for the smell.

You can find this bikini here, and shop similar swimwear from Shein here. Click their logo to visit the rest of their website! You can see my past reviews from Shein here

Thanks to Shein for sponsoring me! 

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