Wednesday, July 22, 2015

☆SheIn Review: Navy Long Sleeve Striped Knit Sweater and White Long Sleeve Embroidery Lapel Blouse

Today I'll be reviewing SheIn's Navy Long Sleeve Striped Knit Sweater and White Long Sleeve Embroidery Lapel Blouse!

* Although this is a sponsored review, I will only be sharing my honest opinions.

The first item I received was the Navy Long Sleeve Striped Knit Sweater.

This is a cute navy-blue sweater with a sailor design. It's made out of knit material and is good for cool fall/winter/spring weather. It only comes in one size. The boxy white design continues on to the back and pops out.

I was very pleased with this sweater and I was surprised at how warm it kept me despite its rather thin material. The material stretches so I think its a decent one-size-fits-all sweater. The color is a bit darker than the picture on the website but the color doesn't fade after washes. I think it would look cute paired with a skirt and tights/leggings during the winter.

 Rating: 9/10The second item that I received was the White Long Sleeve Embroidery Lapel Blouse.
The key point of this blouse is the collar shaped like 2 swans. It comes in small, medium, and large sizes and is good for fall/winter weather. The material is polyester.

I didn't like this item as much as the first one. The shape flairs out and has a different silhouette than the one shown on the website's picture. The buttons & buttonholes also don't line up correctly so there's a bump underneath the first button when you button it up. It's still a cute blouse though and I think it'll look cute paired with a v-neck or circle-neck sweater with the collar peeking out.

 Rating: 7/10

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Unholy Dolly said...

That sweater is so cute ^^