Friday, April 25, 2014

world calling

  Hello! What's the color of the future? 
Welcome to my first post!  I've abandoned my old account~ starting fresh I'm going to try writing a new post every Friday afternoon. I've started on making this blog this afternoon but it's already 9pm now that I've finished opps. I spent so much time looking for a new blogskin and ended up using my old one 

This week on Sunday I deleted my tumblr bc tumblr was rlly a pain to maintain.   I think I'll rejoin social networks once I feel like they won't distract me to crazy extents~

In school today I had a stat and a chem test;; My stat test isn't graded yet but I already know I failed because I couldn't even finish one of the questions and it was a two-question test;; I feel so mad at myself because I was trying to figure out one part of the problem, and only after I turned in the test did I remember that I didn't even have to figure out that part because there was a calculator function that could find the answer for me;; I was so mad I wanted to scream because I knew how to do all of the parts after that part but I couldn't do them because I couldn't figure out that one part. Aaaaah and I have the mock AP exam next week so I'm going to study really hard this weekend  I only have about 2 grades going into this marking period for stat so I have to do really well on the mock so I can pull up my grade!! Just thinking about it stressed me out;; I want to slap my past self for not trying harder in the 2nd and 3rd marking periods ;;;; I think I did okay on the chem test although every time I think I did well I end up getting a bad grade 

I've been getting into a singer called Daoko! She is a 16 year old Japanese rapper signed under LOW HIGH WHO? Productions. I've never really liked rap before but her voice is so cute and soft so I like listening to it!! She's the cutest rapper ever And she released her first album when she was 15!! I'm 16 rn and that's really amazing to me. Most of the song titles are in Japanese so I download all of them without ever learning the names (oops) LOL. One of my favorites is this one called 試験一週間前. I don't know why the title is in traditional Chinese even though the song is in Japanese? LOL  The cat in the video is so cute I want to hug him 

This is a song called Boy! Her voice is so cute!!

There is another song that has been on repeat for me the whole of this week~ It's a cover of Fly Me to the Moon by Ukulele Picnic  I've never listened to the original by Frank Sinatra but this cover is so cute !!

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