Monday, July 7, 2014

summer so far✧✧

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Hii I'm back on blogspot! I've deleted my past negative posts, and I'm going to try to be more active now. I've finished my sophomore year of high school!!!  Soo this is what I've been up to this summer so far! (Lots of pics of food ahead)

On the last day of school I went out to eat with some friends! We went to a Mexican restaurant and I had enchiladas aah they were so good I feel hungry now thinking about it ;__; My friend ordered flan pudding as desert and I had a bite of it; it was really good! I only have grainy phone pictures though :--(

After eating we hung our around the mall and watched TFIOS! Overall I liked it but thought it was a mediocre film ahah.

The next day I hung out at my friend's house and her mom let us try on their traditional Korean clothes! It was rlly fun *__* !! One of my friends also brought a fruit tart 

I miss my friend though bc rn she's in Korea (I'm so jealous) 

 That week I also went to a friend's birthday party! Forgot to take pictures though :-( I went to another friend's grad party the next day and that was really fun! (forgot to take pictures again...) Last week was my friend's birthday so we hung out at NYC. We went to the Cake Boss Cafe!

We ended up ordering 3 of the small cheesecakes to share. 

Today I went to a friend's house for a baking party! We made chocolate-dipped fruit, rice krispie treats, and cookies :-)

And that sums up my summer so far! Basically I went to parties and ate a lot?? How has your summer been? Or how are you doing if it's not summer for you? Drop me a comment by scrolling up and clicking on the "# comments" text next to the date! And feel free to leave your url so I can check out your blog  Good night/ morning/ afternoon/ evening and thanks for reading! 

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