Thursday, October 8, 2015

oh my girl: closer

*This post is part of my { capsule } post series; more on that at the end!

OH MY GIRL is a rookie k-pop girl group who released the music video that accompanies their second mini-album yesterday! I've been a fan since their debut with Cupid, a very cute love song that is totally different from the song they just came out with. This song is called Closer and it's filled with gorgeous, dreamy cinematography and stunning vocals.

It's rare for me to enjoy a k-pop video this much but Oh My Girl stole my heart with this video. ;__; Their angelic vocals (YooA and Seunghee are angels!!), sharp choreography, and breathtaking visuals make this music video such a lovely experience.

The group of girls in white dresses dancing in the middle of the room is a bit overdone in k-pop but the dark lighting and styling of this video adds a fresh twist to an otherwise overdone concept!

Please give this song a listen! I hope you can support Oh My Girl 

this is Binnie, she's my bias! ♡ I also really like YooA, Seunghee, and Arin!

Introducing: { capsule } posts !
This is a new type of post I am trying out; I thought of the idea when I felt discouraged that I couldn't keep my blog as active because of my heavy workload this year. { capsule } posts will focus on a specific topic (like this music video) and be shorter than the usual post. I hope this can allow me to share interesting topics with you guys and help to keep my blog active! c:

So! To wrap up this post, here is a question for you!

Do you like girl groups? If so, please share your fav(s)!

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