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IU rehearsing for Mudo festival! src:
Happy October everyone! I just got home after taking my SAT subject test so I decided to write this post to de-stress after my busy school week before I tackle my weekend work. Thanks to everyone for the good luck wishes on the last post!I think I did fairly well; the real test was much easier than the practice tests that I had stressed over. 

Here are some of my favorite songs from this past September. Hope you enjoy!

 Leon // IU & Park Myungsoo 
→ genre: pop
I mentioned how I became a fan of IU through Infinity Challenge in my August in Music so of course I greatly enjoyed the song she produced for the Mudo Music Festival! For those unfamiliar with Korean variety shows, this particular segment of Infinity Challenge had the members produce a song with a popular Korean producer and the comedian Park Myungsoo was paired up with IU.

This song pays homage to the cult classic film Léon: The Professional, with IU's parts describing Mathilda's thoughts and Myungsoo's parts describing Leon's thoughts. Her soft, sweet voice complements Park Myungsoo's husky voice really well! (I never thought I would use the adjective "husky" to describe PMS but there's really no other word for his voice lol.) Her "lalala"'s and breathy French lyrics are so pretty. This song was my jam for the longest time; go give it a listen! 

 Good Luck to All // J rabbit
→ genre: indie
This is a pretty, uplifting k-indie song that is calming but doesn't put you to sleep. The opening piano chords make it sound very lively. I sometimes start my morning with this song playing while I brush my teeth etc. and it never fails to cheer me up and help me get ready for the school day. 

 Steven's Shield // aivi & surasshu
→ genre: electronic/ soundtrack
So I started watching Steven Universe last month and I'm utterly obsessed! Everything from the diverse character designs to the gorgeous scenery/art style is so beautiful  (no spoilers please- I'm only on the 17th episode haha). This is the soundtrack for Steven's shield and it's so dreamy and calming; I love how they included the opening tune in this soundtrack! The soundtracks that aivi & surasshu make are so uplifting I'm seriously thankful for their music.

 Mrs Potato Head // Melanie Martinez
→ genre: alternative pop
This was from Melanie Martinez's Cry Baby album in which each song tackles an adult theme through a dark twist on an object or scene from childhood. This one compares plastic surgery to the Mrs Potato Head toys. Her voice is very sweet and her lyrics are very clever- I'm looking forward to her future music!

 Rain // Lim Kim
→ genre: indie
Lim Kim is a Korean female artist who I got into in September! Her voice is very soothing and pretty; she's seriously so underrated.  This music video is also so aesthetically pleasing; please take a look! The song is very calming but she also has others that are catchy and the type that get stuck in your head. My other favorites are Love Game, Awoo, and Goodbye 20.

So that's it for September! Do you guys like these music recommendations? Please let me know! I think I'll make them a regular thing since it's fun to share my music tastes!

What song is currently stuck in your head?

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